Off The Beaten Track

We believe extraordinary rides call for extraordinary support.

What is Ghost Gravel?

"I’m in withdrawal!! Route was fantastic. Vibe was stellar. Couldn’t have been better. I’m just sad it’s over!!"

J Kajula, Collingwood ON

“We heard a lot of great things about the coffee from our riders and how fun it was to have Ghost Gravel on the route. Much appreciated!”

Sarah Holmes, Toronto Hustle

“The day was absolutely AMAZING! So much fun exploring unknown roads with like minded gravel enthusiasts!”

R Henshaw, Barrie ON

Book Ghost Gravel

Venture ‘off the beaten track’ with Ghost Gravel as your support.

From a small group of riding friends to a 500+ person event, our Land Rover and adventure coffee trailer can be hired to make your ride even more memorable.

Our experienced team will ensure riders have regular access to Propeller Coffee and pastries, as well as being able to transport kit, bikes and even tired riders.

Email and we’ll tailor a package to your needs.